10 ways to make the most of small spaces

We all have small spaces in our homes that aren't used to their full potential. 

Whether it be an ill-fitting shelving unit, or a tumble dryer in the dining room, here are 10 ideas to making your small spaces big on usability.

Storage for small spaces

This may be the most common use of small spaces, but how can you utilise that oddly shaped space? Fitted, made to measure storage that will make use of even the weirdest shaped areas are perfect for giving a home to your vacuum cleaner, cleaning supplies and shoes! Just like in Valley View, the use of under stairs space gives you a whole other place to declutter and organise. These things don’t have to be costly either, it could be a great DIY project for someone to get stuck into!

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A reading nook 

Every book lover will know the feeling of curling up on a drizzly Sunday with a mug of your favourite drink and a gripping best-seller. With a few snuggly touches, a bookcase or small shelf for your favourites and a small lamp for gentle mood-lighting, your small space could become a transportation hub into a new and exciting world. 

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Create a workspace 

Not all homes have an entire room that can be dedicated to a home office. So with many of us working from our makeshift bed offices, it would be great to have a small area where you can leave the day's stresses and ‘come home’. There are so many benefits to making room for a workspace, one being you can keep everything work-related in one place and not have to worry about losing those important meeting minutes. 

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A utility room 

Utility rooms don’t always have to be big and full of cupboards. If you have an alcove, then that could be enough for a washing machine and a tumble dryer, or an extra fridge, and some cupboards above. That could be the difference between you tripping over the hoover, or giving it a home tucked away.

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Find space for an extra toilet 

Arguably one of the most useful ways to utilise a small space is a toilet. Although a lot of houses now are built with a downstairs washroom, a lot more are missing them. You’ll be thankful for the spare loo with guests or for those moments you’re not sure if you’ll make the jog upstairs. A perfect example of this can be seen here.

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Make a cloakroom 

It might not be a whole room dedicated to your coats and shoes and bags, but there are definitely ways of transforming the entrance of your home into a useful space for your gear. Think cubby storage with baskets, or ornate hooks. There are some great and quirky ideas out there, you just have to find what works for you and your space. 

Walk-in wardrobe 

For some a small space could be a large built-in cupboard that once held a boiler or water tank. Most will shelve the area, with deep shelving which doesn’t necessarily make for easy storage. Get creative adding shelving and baskets to creating a bespoke area that fulfils your storage needs! 

Bring the outdoors, in 

A more contemporary way to use a small space is by adding wall fitted plant pots. The splash of green and nature is not only pretty to look at but also said to be good for you too! 

An activity space 

Whatever you like to do with your downtime, turn your small space into a place for you to do it! Whether it’s crafting, building something, painting sewing or gaming having space just for you and for your free time activity can make it more enjoyable and mean that you are more likely to do it! 

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Make a feature 

Make a feature wall out of your photos, art, books or your children's potato drawings. You can really make a statement in your small space by displaying all the things that make you smile! 

Hopefully, that can help you with some ideas for your small spaces, now it’s time to dust off that DIY gear!