Buyers Guide

At Dawsons we understand that sometimes, especially if you are a first time buyer, the whole buying process can be quite daunting. Our highly skilled, sales negotiators sole aim is to make the whole process as enjoyable and problem free as possible for you. We can literally ‘take you by the hand’ guiding you through and advising you what to do and what not to do, every step of the way.

  • Firstly before you even start viewing properties it is advisable to meet with our expert mortgage advisors, just to check what sort of mortgage is best suited to your needs and the sort of deposit you will need to put down, bearing in mind you will have solicitors/survey and moving costs.
  • They can provide you with all this information so before you start, to avoid any unnecessary disappointment a financial health check is priority.
  • The other benefit being, when you have found your ideal home, you know with every confidence what you can afford to offer and as we would require confirmation of your mortgage arrangements in line with our promise to our vendors, you will be ready for the ‘off’ straight away, beating off any competition, ‘giving you peace of mind’.
  • Once you have found your home we will then guide through the offer process, though of course naturally we cannot advise you on what to offer.
  • Offers are immediately relayed to our vendors both verbally and writing and we will confirm the same in writing to you.
  • Once your offer is accepted, we can then advise on solicitors, obtaining quotations from many of our recommended solicitors and then accordingly instruct them on your behalf as we would our vendors. We also have great recommendations for a ‘removal service’.
  • We will liaise with your solicitors on your behalf, feeding back to you with up-dates and any matters out-standing of which we may be able to help.
  • During this time, your mortgage application needs to be submitted as a matter of priority, so as to enable them to have a survey carried out on your new property and issue your mortgage offer, once the survey report is back and all is satisfactory.
  • Once your solicitor is in receipt of all documentation and has completed all their enquiries, including all searches, you will be asked to sign the contract and provide your deposit monies in readiness to exchange contracts. At this time the completion date will also be agreed between you, the seller and any other parties should you be involved in a chain.
  • On the day of completion once the solicitor for our vendor has received all the monies from your solicitor, we can then release the keys to you.