Dawsons achieve DOUBLE GOLD for the 5th consecutive year at the EA Masters 2023

Whilst 2022 saw #TeamDawsons achieve DOUBLE GOLD for the 4th consecutive year, ensuring a listing to be rated within the TOP 30 ESTATE AGENTS IN THE UK, this years awards that were announced in London on Tuesday 7th November 2023 at the 2023 EA Masters, saw Dawsons bring home the DOUBLE GOLD once again for a 5th consecutive year, which is a fantastic achievement for the team based throughout Swansea and Llanelli.  

To achieve this year on year only highlights to our clients that our standards of service are of a consistent exceptional level of excellence superseding any other local agent in our area. 

CLICK HERE to watch Peter Knight discuss Dawsons' achievements.

Who are The Property Academy, What is the EA Masters, and Best Agent Guide and how do we win such accolades?

The Property Academy is a UK-based organisation that provides training, coaching, and consulting services to professionals in the property industry, with a focus on estate agents, letting agents, and related sectors. It was founded by Peter Knight and is known for its dedication to improving standards and performance in the property sector. The Property Academy is known for its "Best Estate Agent Guide," which assesses and recognizes the top-performing estate agents and letting agents in the UK based on a range of criteria, including customer feedback and performance indicators. It provides transparency and helps consumers identify reputable agents.

The "Best Agent Guide Awards" also referred to as the ‘EA Masters’ is an annual recognition program in the UK's property industry. It is designed to identify and acknowledge the top-performing estate agents and letting agents based on a range of criteria.

Evaluation Criteria: Awards like the "Best Agent Guide Awards" typically assess real estate agencies based on various criteria, such as customer reviews, sales performance, customer service, marketing, and industry reputation.

Data Analysis: These awards often involve in-depth data analysis to evaluate the performance of real estate agencies. Customer feedback and ratings play a crucial role in determining the quality of service provided.

Mystery Shopping: Some award programs may employ "mystery shopping" techniques, where undercover agents pose as potential buyers or renters to evaluate how well agents handle inquiries, provide information, and assist clients.

Transparency: The goal of such awards is to provide transparency and help potential clients identify reputable and high-performing real estate agents. It can be a valuable resource for individuals looking to buy, sell, or rent property.

Recognition Levels: The "Best Agent Guide Awards" often recognize agents at different levels, such as "Gold," "Silver," or "Bronze" awards, indicating various levels of excellence within the industry.

National and Regional Awards: These awards may have both national and regional components, allowing recognition of top-performing agents on a broader and more localized scale.

Improvement and Feedback: Some awards also provide feedback and recommendations for agents who may not have achieved top awards, helping them identify areas for improvement.

How do we win these awards?

The property academy spend all 12 months of each year analysing data and information from 1000’s of agents across the UK, to then dwindle them down to the ‘Best of the Best’, this is not an award you can buy into or enter with submissions, this is based on the hard work put in by the team each and every day of the year. 

Senior Business Partner Chris Hope stated: 

"It’s a proud achievement for us all here at Dawsons, one to truly promote and for each member of the team to be proud of and to be able to shout about, and why wouldn't we, 13,080 UK agents were included in the assessment for the Best Estate Agent Guide although only approximately around 5% – 10% receive an exceptional gold rating, with Dawsons noted in the top 500 achieving DOUBLE GOLD and having done so now for a consecutive 5 years running".

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You can check out our listing in the Best Agent Guide HERE

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