Keep your home safe while you're on holiday

The last two years have been a tough one, when it comes to holidays. So many of us have been opting for ‘staycations’, and with many places booked solidly throughout the summer, it’s likely that many of us will be continuing to take breaks throughout the autumn. If you are going away though, whether you are going abroad or planning a staycation there are some things you can do to make sure your home is safe and sound so that when you return you aren’t faced with the stress of unwanted visitors to your home!

Don’t post to social media

Although it might be tempting especially if you’re used to sharing a lot online, don’t announce your departure on social media. Doing so can provide anyone with access to your ‘going away dates’ giving them a window of opportunity that you aren’t there. The less you say before going away the more your chance of being a target will decrease. Once you’re back, you can post away - who doesn’t love a good holiday snap!

It’s also worth noting, that if your property were to get burgled, often posting to social media counts as advertising that you were away and can void insurance policies.

Tell a trusted few

Telling a select few people that you are going on holiday, such as your neighbours, can also help to keep your property safe while you are away. If you are on good terms with your neighbours and you trust them they might keep any eye on the property for you. They may even remove any signs of inactivity in your house by taking in parcels, post or even watering your plants! If you are renting, you could also tell your landlord that you are away.

Remove temptation

Make sure everything that can be locked is, and that you make it as difficult as possible for thieves to open or enter. This might mean adding an extra lock on the shed so that the path isn’t as quick and appealing, or putting keys away which normally hang indoors. Make sure things like bikes and outdoor furniture are safely stored away so that there isn’t anything to entice someone to have a nose around.

Make the most of technology

Technology is developing at quite an amazing rate, and you can use it to your advantage whilst you are away. Setting up a camera or a video doorbell can provide security and deter potential intruders from breaking in as the risk of getting caught is too great. The doorbells are a great advantage as some of them have a function which allows you to speak through them, even when you aren’t at home. It can also provide evidence for the authorities if anything were to be damaged or stolen.

You can get plugs with timers on them so that certain lamps and lights turn on and off at allocated times. You can also use them with radios and TV’s too, to make it appear that someone is actually at home.

If possible, having a security alarm installed will help you in a couple of ways. It’s a general deterrent for anyone considering stealing from your house, but can alert the authorities or even just to alert your neighbours while you are away so that they are able to check in and make sure all is okay.

Use a house sitter

If you can get someone who you trust to house sit for you. That way, there is someone in the house for you, and you can be on holiday safe in the knowledge your house is in good hands. This will be a massive deterrent for anyone thinking they might break in.

As a final note, make sure your insurance is up to date, and covers all the valuable things that you keep at your property - just to be on the safe side.

These things are great to have even when you aren’t on holiday, it’s a little bit of protection for a big peace of mind.