Good news for Lisa Davies of Dawson's Marina Branch

Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC) has held its third ‘Inspired for Life’ awards to celebrate the individuals, groups and organisations that help to improve the lives of local people.

We are delighted to offer our huge congratulations to our very own senior negotiator / valuer Lisa Davies, who was recently nominated for the Bridgend Inspire for Life Awards and took the Award for the ‘Power of One’ category.

Lisa was invited to attend the ceremony as a shortlisted candidate, it was held on the 5th March 2020, at Porthcawl Grand Pavilion, where her work was showcased and celebrated, before the winner in her category was announced.  Lisa says "it was a huge surprise and honour to win the award and for something she loves doing makes it very special indeed".


Lisa was nominated for the award by Melanie Taylor who wrote in her submission: 

"Lisa has been at the heart of Rest Bay Lifeguard Club since 2011 and has gained numerous qualifications in her own time in order to support and volunteer at the club. Lisa is instrumental to the successful running and organisation of the club, planning the pool training sets, running the pool training sessions as well as always finding the time to answer any queries the Nippers or their parents may have.

Lisa is the current recipient of the Coaches Coach Award, an award which is selected by her peers across all squads (Nippers/Juniors/Masters) for the considerable contribution she has made within the club over a number of years. If any of the volunteer coaches need any advice or support either about the club or in their personal life Lisa always has time to support them, offer advice or take on additional roles within the club to help them.

We all know the benefits of teaching children the dangers of water and how to stay safe in the Sea. We also know the importance of keeping young people active and off the streets involved in something purposeful that will teach them to work as part of a team. Lisa has made this a reality and devotes the majority of her time to giving young people these wonderful opportunities. Lisa is the go-to person for the children, if they are excited about doing well Lisa is the first person they want to tell but equally, she is the first person a child will go to if they are upset or having any troubles, Lisa has an extremely kind and approachable manner and every child, parent and volunteer only having the utmost respect and love for her.

Lisa is passionate, extremely enthusiastic and takes pride in seeing the benefit her contribution makes to the young people she coaches and supports. Lisa has developed hundreds of children and adults to gain new skills and develop their techniques to enable them to progress. As well as the obvious benefits these people gain such as staying fit and active it also provides them with useful skills and disciplines required for future life. Lisa balances all this along-side working and bringing up her two children.

Lisa volunteers in excess of 15 hours per week and on top of this she gives up numerous weekends to support, organize and officiate in nipper lifeguards, junior lifeguards and swim squad competitions, which is most weekends! She even takes more than 50 nippers to summer camp every year without the parents, true dedication!

Lisa is a generous and selfless person, she hos mode hundreds of children, families, and adults feel very much part of and welcome at the clubs she volunteers with. She has developed the life-saving skills of hundreds of children and hos inadvertently saved lives as a result of children learning these essential skills. She helps children through the ups and downs of competition but ensures that fun and teamwork is at the heart of everything. Lisa is positive, supportive, observant and encourages each and every child and adult who is part of Rest Boy and Bridgend Swim squad. Lisa is a true volunteer! She has never once been paid for any of the volunteering she does for either clubs. she is the glue that cements these clubs and has been a volunteer for nearly a decade."


Find out more about Lisa and her work at Dawsons HERE.