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    Letting Process
    We will try and make the letting process as easy as possible for you. You can be assured that every stage will be handled professionally through our trained staff.



    When you have settled on the properties you wish to view either through consultation with one of our trained staff members or through your own selection, please contact our office to book an appointment. All viewings will be accompanied with the attending staff member being able to help you with any questions you may have about the property.

    If you are arriving by public transport and need to be picked up from the station, through prior arrangement, we can pick you up and take you directly to the property, returning you again after completion of the appointment.

    Referencing Process
    When you have selected a suitable property and we have agreed the proposed rental with the landlord you will be asked to pay the administration fee. This will cover the cost of the referencing process and is non returnable should you fail the referencing procedure.

    We use professional referencing companies to carry out credit checks, employment status and previous landlord's checks. We also require you to provide a copy of your passport. This process usually takes between 3 to 5 working days (or between 5 and 10 days should there be a need to obtain overseas references) after which we can agree a moving in date.

    Rental Agreements
    We use the latest tenancy agreements provided by ARLA for both the landlords and tenants protection. The agreements are both comprehensive and easy to understand.

    The property can either be managed by us through the course of the tenancy or directly by the landlord depending on the landlord's initial instruction. If we have been instructed to manage the property you will be informed of the relevant staff contacts including our maintenance department. In the case of the landlord managing directly you will be fully informed of all the landlord contact details.

    We will require a bond, usually equivalent to one months rent + £100.00, to be held by Dawsons for the duration of your tenancy and registered with relevant deposit scheme. All bonds that are held by us are done so in separate protected account in line with our obligations through ARLA. In most cases bonds are returned at the end of the tenancy with the minimum of fuss. However, should there be a dispute that cannot be agreed on the matter can be referred to the deposit scheme for an independent resolution.

    Inventory and Routine Inspections
    Tenants will issued with a detailed inventory and condition report at the commencement of tenancy and will have the opportunity to check and make any observations. Tenants must remember that this document is as much for the tenant's protection as the landlords and if it fails to be returned the accepted condition will be based on the inventory issued.

    We or the landlord will carry out routine inspection at the property to check the property is being kept in good order and this will normally occur every 3 months.

    Rent Payments
    All rent payments must be paid monthly in advance on the due payment dates and via standing order.

    Maintenance Contacts
    We have a dedicated maintenance department that aims to quickly and efficiently deal with any maintenance requirements. You can contact our maintenance team on 01792 633254 during normal office hours.

    Should you have a gas emergency and suspect a leak you should telephone Transco on Free phone 0800 111 999.

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